The hottest art spots to visit this year

Art lovers are spoilt for choice with a calendar that is chockablock with art fairs, biennales (and triennales) and other art outings that span the world across all seasons
Curated By: Kishore Singh
Published: Jan 23, 2017
The hottest art spots to visit this year

Image by : DAG Modern Archives

TEFAF Maastricht
Maastricht, The Netherlands
March 10-19, 2017

Begun in 1988 by art and antique dealers, TEFAF Maastricht continues to enjoy the distinction of one of the most visited spots where the best old masters, ancient collectibles and treasures gather under one roof, pointing to the way the world is collecting. It works, and curates, in the belief that someone who is passionate about a painting or sculpture could also be a consumer of antique furniture, stupendous jewellery or rare books. Those who have attended the fair compare it with a museum, with only one caveat—you can actually buy here, provided you have the financial appetite its treasures command. So successful has the fair been that it has recently launched two editions in New York: Its recently concluded Fall, a version of its home fair, and forthcoming Spring, which is built around modern and contemporary art and design. Will others follow?