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From Sci-Fi To Reality: The Journey Of Cloud, Iot, AI and ML focused on the banking and financial services sectors

In the connected world, realities and challenges are likely to get tougher and stranger as artificial intelligence and machine learning become a part of daily lives. What once might have been considered science fiction is not far from becoming a reality, and this applies to the financial sector too.

Today, CIOs and CTOs, once expected to mainly provision technology, are now being called upon to articulate the technology strategy for specific business outcomes. They aren’t only passively supplying tech, but have a lot more skin in the game, partnering business leaders in owning the delivery of critical business outcomes.

The second edition of Forbes India Innovation Dialogues: From sci-fi to reality, will be a closed-door discussion for some of India’s topmost CIOs and CTOs engage on issues concerning the implications of latest advances in technology on the BFSI industry.