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A Life On The Ocean Wave

This holiday season, sail around the world

This festival season, you could board a plane, go somewhere exotic, throw vast chunks of disposable income at some serious lifestyle enhancement.

Or do something classy. Take a luxury yacht cruise. The Burgess group offers charters that start at €25,000 a week for a 20-metre yacht and go up to €500,000 a week for a superyacht (think Vijay Mallya’s little boat). This kind of money gets you the full treatment, naturally, with built-in crew to wait on your needs, and cruises designed exactly the way you and your guests want: destination, food, pace, activities along the way, everything.

So here’s a few suggestions. Why not float into Abu Dhabi and catch the Grand Prix? Or for something more languid, you could laze around in the Maldives (before global warming swamps them!) or the Seychelles.

Oceanstyle ( ), one of the  Burgess companies, is the place to go to line these up. We would have pointed you to the Burgess company that deals with billionaires ( ), but if you’re in that demographic, their people have talked to your people already.