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Diwali Has A Bigger Bang

Firecracker sales expected to rise by 20%


Infographic: Minal Shetty

Diwali’s here and that means firecrackers. Sweets, new clothes, temples and family all set to the background score of atom bombs, lar, flowerpots, rockets and whizzing zamin-chakkars. Firecracker salesmen are expecting an increase of at least 20 percent over last year’s sales. The average chap on the street bought firecrackers worth Rs. 1,500 last year.

This year it’s closer to Rs. 2,000 according to early estimates. And don’t believe all the nonsense about it being a less polluted Diwali. Sound levels may not be as high but that doesn’t mean people are setting off fewer crackers. It just means that they are using fewer crackers that go ‘bang.’ That is, air pollution will increase and your lungs will suffer (see page 129); but your ears will get some respite.

(Research: Abhishek Raghunath)