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Comic Convention in Mumbai

Comic Con Express will travel to Mumbai this year

Mumbai is all set to host its first Comic Convention in October. And going by the fact that 15,000 fans attended the first of these annual meets in Delhi last year, expectations are high. Although Comic Con, the main event, will always remain in Delhi, Comic Con Express will travel to a new city every year in India to bring new fans within the comics culture.

The second Comic Con is slated to be held at Delhi Haat on February 10-12 next year.

For the Mumbai chapter, there are around 25 participants including Marvel Comics, Walt Disney India and Leaping Windows, an online comic library that functions out of Mumbai.

Although internationally, the business of comics seems to have come to a standstill, things in India are looking up. Comic Con organiser Jatin Varma is very optimistic about the future of the business in India.
(Pravin Palande)

Where: World Trade Center, Mumbai
When: October 22, and 23