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Films Division gets its Act Right

Films Division opens up the treasure of its archives films

The Films Division (FD) seems to have woken up to the vast treasures it owns. Its new film club will meet every weekend, featuring films from FD’s archives alongside independent films, with a whole gamut of film-related activities to accompany the free screenings: Discussions, brain-storming sessions, master classes and workshops.

Why? “The mainstream cinema compromises too much for marketability and business considerations, yet it occupies almost wholly the entire screening space in the country, again due to business considerations of the fact, all films not made purely for box office success get squeezed out of exhibition opportunities. Audiences wanting to see these films can't get to do that. We want to create a platform to satisfy this need for both groups, on a sustained basis,” said VS Kundu, director general of the FD. More info on the FD Facebook page: . FD is looking for people in other cities to join in and set up local clubs. Contact FD's Mumbai club will meet every Saturday, 4 pm, at RR Theatre, 10th floor, Films Division, 24 Pedder Road, Mumbai 26.