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Lighting Up

A Pick of the best, the latest, the greenest, the quirkiest, the most luxurious... that money can buy


The Edison Edition
The Bulb, designed by Ingo Maurer in 1966, celebrates Thomas Edison and his invention, the incandescent bulb. Bulb’s outer envelope is a handmade glass shell that houses a crown-silvered 100 W bulb. It is held on a chrome-plated base.


Bottled Glow
We are long past using milk bottles, but they live on in these elongated milk-bottle shapes of Flaska from Leucos. The lamp houses a diffuser in the centre.


Click to Go Online
The Keyboard Lamp is for those who can’t get enough of their computers. Push down this giant ‘esc’ key, and watch your world light up.


This piece of plumbing is meant to light up your desk. The frame of Plumber D’Light is made from pipes that would otherwise be found in your bathroom.



Barn Beauties
Osteria, from Italy’s Il Fanale, combines the charm and characteristics of the fixtures of yore with rustic modernity. This one has bell-shaped antique copper shades with frames in antique brass.

(Pipe-light, Click to go online, The Edison Edition, Barn Beauties, Bottled Glow, courtesy Better Interiors)