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The Flower Index: What Costs What

"How much that Valentine's Day Bouqet will set you back"


For those of you planning to do the wooing act this February, you might want to know if you have enough cash for the very basic thing: Flowers. We selected individual varieties (not elaborate bouquets)—roses, lilies, gerberas and chrysanthemums—and went around taking stock at florists in the metros. It seems Delhi blokes will be the ones to dish out the most. Although prices in Mumbai alone have risen since last year, they remain on the lower side. The price of roses in Mumbai has gone up by Rs 5 a piece, lilies are up by Rs 20 a piece, and gerberas are up by Rs 2 a piece. Chrysanthemums have stayed at Rs 50 a bunch. So, if flowers do the trick for you, you sure will be getting off easy.