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Review: Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sturdy, earthy and portable headphone

Headphone Sennheiser Momentum
Consider headphones, and Sennheiser has to be among the first three names that come to your mind. The Momentum looks refreshingly different from any of their other headphones: It is earthy, and boasts dark brown leather pads with a brown casing; it also occupies little space, and is highly portable.

In terms of technology, however, there has not been much of an overhaul. The headphones have regular, high performance neodymium magnets, found in all Sennheiser headphones; it is ergonomically designed, and, for people who multi-task, there is an extra cable that can be connected to an iPhone or an iPod (you can control the playback on the phone using the small jog dial on the cable).   

Momentum presents a very balanced overall tone without undue emphasis on either the highs or lows. The sound has a very high entertainment quotient, with the high-end having a soothing sparkle that cut through the mix and a tight and punchy lower-end.

The major highlight: No matter how much you crank up the music, there’s not even the slightest distortion. The problem: If you have ears that are larger than average, you will find it a bit uncomfortable to wear the headphones for longer durations.

What: Sennheiser Momentum
How much: Rs 24,990
Warranty: 2 years