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Non-Tuition Fees in Schools

Schools in Mumbai and Bangalore have reported an average increase of 10-15% in non-tuition fees

The past couple of months have seen protests by the parents of schoolchildren in cities as varied as Delhi and Ranchi, Mumbai and Jamshedpur. And this is not the first time that hikes in school fees at the beginning of the academic year have been followed by protests and petitions from parents. Paying tuition fees is just one of the expenses of sending a child to school. Schools often charge for bus services, apart from essentials like books and stationery and uniforms.

We did a dipstick survey of schools in Mumbai and Bangalore to see what the increase in non-tuition fees has been in the past year. While the actual figures can vary on the services and essentials provided by the school, the average increase in fees has been between 10 and 15 percent.