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Firecrackers Burn A Hole In Pockets


This Diwali was reportedly quieter than previous ones in many cities. The media has reported on citizens becoming increasingly conscious about the noise pollution caused by many firecrackers, and housing societies and neighbourhoods deciding against buying them. The rising costs of firecrackers have also been a deterrent.

Stringent government regulations regarding the safety and working conditions of migrant workers— two firecracker factories in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, were gutted in August—along with the lifting of subsidies on some raw materials have resulted in the higher cost of firecrackers. India’s domestic firecracker industry is estimated to be worth more than Rs 1,500 crore a year.

We made some quick calls to wholesalers in Sivakasi, where 90 percent of India’s firecrackers are made, to find out about increase in prices.