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The fast and the luxurious

A guide to the best high-performance sports cars, game-changing SUVs and sophisticated sedans for 2018. Plus: The year's most outrageous extras

Until autonomous cars end the many joys of driving, automakers are treating passionate motorists to a bounty of performance-minded models with remarkable technology for 2018—and beyond. Engines that generate 500, 600 and even close to 800 horsepower propel the latest sports cars, while some of the raciest sport-utility vehicles can reach 60 mph in a car-pool-defying 4 seconds. New sophisticated chassis-control systems allow drivers to adjust a vehicle’s ride and handling abilities, from aggressive to relaxed, at the twist of a dial. And the array of safety and convenience features offered also breaks new ground.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest upscale cars and crossover SUVs debuting for 2018 that will all but ensure you’ll garner both bragging rights and prime valet-parking spots.