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Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Priyanka Chopra among world's 100 most powerful women

A cohort that governs or directly influences more than 3 billion people and has a personal net worth of over $97 billion

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Who’s in charge? fourteen years ago, we defined what it means to be a power woman: Economic might, a wide sphere of influence and high-octane impact. This year’s lineup includes the icons you know on a first-name basis: Angela, Melinda, Oprah, Beyonce. But we’re introducing a brand-new generation of heads of state, CEOs, founders, visionaries and leaders. A full quarter are newcomers to the global stage—women who are building billion-dollar brands, moving markets and criss-crossing the globe on humanitarian missions. Together they govern or directly influence more than 3 billion people and $51 trillion in GDP and revenue, and have a personal net worth of over $97 billion.

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Edited by Dorothy Pomerantz & Samantha Shaddock with Caroline Howard