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India Inc improves corporate governance standards: IFC report

Key findings from IFC's second year of rating the country's companies

g_103697_stock_market_280x210.jpgIllustrations & infographics: Sameer Pawar
The Indian economy is expected to become the fastest growing major economy in the world in 2018 and the interest that Indian businesses is generating among foreign investors shows no signs of abating. However, while willing to commit growth capital to Indian businesses, a key measure of performance that global investors are factoring in is the standard of corporate governance. Increased scrutiny by regulators such as the Reserve Bank of India, and Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), and increased vigilance by minority and institutional shareholders have also led Indian companies to improve their corporate governance standards.

The annual Indian Corporate Governance Scorecard by the International Finance Corporation, BSE, and Institutional Investor Advisory Services for 2017 highlights corporate governance standards among top Indian companies (BSE 100). Here are its key findings: