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Meet Su Chunzi, who caught the scent of a blooming flower-delivery startup

Su quit her job as a VC executive to join Flowerplus as a partner

g_106027_su_chunzi_280x210.jpgSu Chunzi, Executive Vice President and Partner, Flowerplus, China
Image: Tefan Chow for Forbes

While working as a Shanghai-based venture capitalist in 2015, Su Chunzi met executives from Flowerplus to discuss a possible investment in the subscription-bouquet startup. Flowerplus clearly had potential, Su realised, much of which lay in its simple model: Customers pick from four plans (1, 3, 6 or 12 months; prices range from roughly $20 to $700) and receive arrangements weekly. Those blooms come mostly from farms in China and include rarer plants, like pink lisianthus, not readily found elsewhere.

Su was won over so completely by Flowerplus that she ditched her job at Guanghe VC and became a partner at the startup, which has since expanded to 5 million users and over $100 million in sales.

“As people’s disposable income grows in China, they are spending more on things that will improve life quality,” says Su, 28, one of the 300 young innovators and entrepreneurs on Forbes’ third annual 30 Under 30 Asia list. Next, Su wants to apply Flowerplus’ strategy to her new startup, Rouralism, a subscription service for daily necessities (underwear, toilet paper) that will target the growing number of white-collar Chinese women too busy to shop.

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