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Waste to energy can turn India into a global powerhouse - Varun Datta

Some businesses are built to make money, and at the same time, making the world a place to live in. This is the belief of Varun Datta, who is an Indian-expat in the UK and the visionary behind 4NEW LTD. A Waste to Energy Company focused on production and provision of electricity to power the mining of popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Imagine if every waste article or disposable item was recycled and turned into something useful like gas, new product, raw material, and heat? Isn’t that the cleanliness utopia we all strive for in these times of environmental degradation and increasing threats of climate change destroying our planet?

Cities worldwide are generating more than 2.12 billion tons of solid waste every year. As bustling sectors of economic activity, cities are expected to witness the number swell to 3.18 billion tons annually by 2025- which is the equivalent weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in terms of trash, every day.

This stunning amount of waste damages the environment, public health and the economic prosperity of the nation’s citizens and their overall quality of life. There are ways to manage it but paying for it is the critical issue. In many lower-income countries, municipalities already spend 20% to 50% of their budgets on solid waste management, yet only are able to provide services for half the population.

Waste management and recycling companies are also feeling an extra pressure to perform their role in the most eco-friendly way. There are many private companies that are playing a major role in easing the government’s responsibility of handling waste and recycling drives.  One such company is 4NEW Ltd. and the person behind it is Varun Datta .

Varun started his career assisting his father in managing the family beverage distribution empire with an annual revenue of over $20 Million USD, from a very early age. Varun always had a natural flair for business and an innate ability to spot business opportunities and the risk-taking ability to back his ideas up. As he gained more supply chain management knowledge, experience and expertise in the Indian region, it motivated and pushed him to expand his family business operations globally, into Europe and America.

Varun always on the look-out for new and exciting technological advances, became an early adopter in Bitcoin and got involved with researching new opportunities in the crypto-currency domain. Varun today is a thought leader, and is shaping the future of crypto-currency, and at the same time championing environment friendly ways of doing business in the digital world. Being an early investor in Bitcoin and having recognized its profound impact on the business and financial world, he had been planning to launch his own currency for a long time.

Crypto mining energy consumption growth is exponential. As of March 31, 2018, 1 Bitcoin transaction consumed as much power as 30.5 US households for a day; this is a 500% rise since September 2017. To counter this, Varun incorporated 4New Ltd in 2017, he finally launched 4New’s very own KWATT tokens, which for the first time will facilitate tokenized electricity to transact over the blockchain network, being a 100% sustainable and renewable solution.

The world’s power consumption is expected to shoot up dramatically by 2040 unless more renewable alternatives are embraced. Varun is cognizant of the energy demands of the world and wants to create a path-breaking ecosystem to support it. Varun plans to leverage his early experience and deep knowledge in Bitcoins, upon the eventual widespread adoption of cryptocurrency as a form of finance to revolutionize all industries. Consequently, he is focused on building assets within the Real Estate, Energy, Waste Management, Healthcare and Technology sectors in anticipation of the crypto renaissance. Each of 4NEW’s plant takes in 50,000-100,000 tons of waste annually, processing it by utilizing an environmentally-friendly method, in order to create electricity.

The electricity 4NEW Ltd. produces is constant, year-round, and is scalable to any location with human activity. Electricity is either sold to the national grid or applied to operate mining processes at the onsite mining farm. Varun Datta’s waste to electricity business model has the immense potential to fulfill India’s vision of being a leader in global cleanliness and waste recycling and make for a better, healthier and prosperous country. 4NEW Ltd. has been pioneering and revolutionizing the waste to energy model , making free and clean energy by processing disposable waste internationally and already has two operational power plants in the UK, with plans to expand into Saint Lucia and Puerto Rico going forward. 4NEW Ltd. will bring the model to India for a greener, cleaner, safer and sustainable future. Varun Datta has his sights set on India and intends to introduce his expertise in waste management by 2019-2020.