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Love, sex and duress: Durex recalls condoms on tear fear

The affected batches of the product are not sold in India, but condom recall, reckon experts, is unprecedented

g_108327_durex_280x210.jpgImage: Phil Noble / Photo Illustration / Reuters

Durex, a condom brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser, has recalled some batches of ‘Real Feel’ condom in the UK and Ireland after it failed to pass ‘the shelf-life durability’ test. “There is a risk that the condom might tear or leak, reducing its protection from sexually-transmitted diseases and pregnancy,” the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK said in a statement.

The affected batches of the product are not sold in India. “We do not distribute non-latex range of Durex condoms (any of the specified Real Feel batches) in the country,” a Reckitt Benckiser spokesperson said in an email to Forbes India. Real Feel condoms, made from synthetic latex, represent just 2.7 percent of Durex condom sales globally, the spokesperson said, adding that no other Durex products are affected.  

Condom recall, reckon experts, is unprecedented. “It’s crazy. Imagine the damage it will leave behind for a whole cycle for sure,” says brand strategist Harish Bijoor.

What is interesting, though, is the procedure for recall. One can check the code numbers in fineprint on the individual foil wrapper of every condom. “And remember, this is a ten-digit code,” Bijoor chuckles. “Imagine putting on your glasses and checking those numbers before use.”