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Anti-Donald Trump ads: Nike, others just doing it

Before Nike's new ad campaign with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, other brands like Airbnb and Smirnoff ran ads protesting the Donald Trump administration


Nike’s new ad campaign has Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback who knelt during the US national anthem to protest against racial inequality. Some other anti-Trump ads:

Airbnb: Ran ad against US President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and dubbing Haiti, El Salvador and Africa ‘s**thole’. The ad read “we believe no matter where you are… we all belong.”

Patagonia: Outdoor apparel company wrote on its homepage ‘The President stole your land’ to protest against Trump’s plan to scale back allotment of protected land.

Dove: Poked fun with its campaign #AlternativeFacts, a reference to the term coined by the administration to explain false claims about presidential inauguration attendance. Among other things, the ad said, the new Dove antiperspirant “boosts your Wi-FI signal”, “rhymes with orange”, “raises your IQ by 40 points”.


Smirnoff: Following allegations of the administration’s collusion with Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime, vodka company starts ad campaign: “Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.”