10th July, 2015
What is entrepreneurship?

5 things you learnt from your entrepreneurship journey

Life Story
An idea: the start of it all

Why start a business at all? How to build a business around a new idea. The pains of starting up. Supportive and suspecting friends and family.

Panel Discussion
Dealing with setbacks

Hear it straight from those whose entrepreneurial plunges suffered setbacks, their learnings, how they dealt with them.

Life Story
IPOs, Mergers and Acquisitions

Each company has a vision and a place in the market. After proof of concept, early investors and start-up struggles, when is the right time to raise funds? And how? An IPO or the M&A route?

Panel Discussion
Funding: Too little Vs. Too much and when

Over 90% of start-ups die in their first year, due to the lack of either capital or market validation. Funding is essential, but diluting too much too early has its pitfalls, like losing control, too many board members and difficulties in raising further rounds.

Walk-about discussion
Serial Entrepreneurship

Taking you through the journey of Serial Entrepreneurship and an insight into the uncertainity.

Panel discussion
How to choose your partners: co-founders
and investors

99.9% of the investors say they back a team; ideas can be developed and tweaked later. So it’s imperative that one chooses co-founders well. And vice versa: a supportive investor can open doors; a bad one can leech the life out of the company.

Life Story
Scaling up

How does a business reach its full potential? What are the critical issues to bear in mind when expanding?

The checklist for success
Scaling up: The right use of financing

5 things that make a successful entrepreneur

Is it worth the effort?

Will your sweat, blood, money and hard work pay off? What if things don’t go your way? How do you make things go as per your expectations?