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Hima Vallabhaneni - Replacing tears with smiles

A kind hearted lady who settled abroad but could never forget the needy in her homeland

Published: May 6, 2022 03:22:08 PM IST
Updated: May 6, 2022 04:03:16 PM IST

Hima Vallabhaneni - Replacing tears with smilesNot everyone is privileged enough to possess all that is required to lead a normal human life. A very large section of our society is in a situation where it needs active support from empathetic human beings. Concerted efforts from organizations and individuals are required to help out these less fortunate people. Dr. Hima Vallabhaneni and her HIMAA Foundation present an excellent example of a philanthropic heart creating a robust system to reach out to the needy and bring positive changes in their lives.

The Foundation – HIMAA Foundation

HIMAA Foundation, established in 2014, is engaged especially in helping the physically challenged, mentally challenged and financially crippled people and families in India. The foundation extends necessary support and wherewithal to these sections of society but sometimes the foundation works with other NGOs too. “Sometimes, it becomes easy to take up and deliver for the vulnerable people when we work with organizations which are already working with them,” says Dr. Hima, the founder of HIMAA Foundation (; Sannihita Centre for Women and Girl Children, Macleod Guda, Secunderabad and the Sainethra are among such organizations. In fact, the Foundation ‘never says no to anyone coming with a request for any help.’ The Foundation is planning to take up many more developmental and welfare activities for the most vulnerable groups of society.

The Founder – Dr. Hima Vallabhaneni

Born in Vijayawada, Dr. Hima Vallbhaneni is a Financial Management professional. She did her schooling and graduation in Hyderabad. Then she went to the US and earned professional degrees. She earned her Doctorate in Social services from California Public University. Currently she manages the Financial Center in Bank of America. Settled in the US for 18 years now, she has been regularly visiting India and is a known social figure in the villages, towns and hamlets of Andhra Pradesh.

Overwhelmed with the philanthropic desire to serve the needy, Dr. Hima says that we need to take care of the people who are devoid of opportunities, light and shine which many of us enjoy today. “Everyone should help others in any way possible. Her purpose to help the less fortunate has inspired her to contribute most of her earnings to charities in India. She is actively supported by her friends and loved ones, and their kind gestures are multitudes of stepping stone to raise funds for her mission. To replace tears with smiles, pain with purpose, and despair with Joy. She does it all. While in India, Dr. Hima would visit orphanages, old age homes, shelters of the poor and rescue homes to help the organizations running these facilities.  
Married and a mother of two adorable boys, Dr. Hima is a Yoga enthusiast and nature lover. She is grateful to God that he gave her this life of abundance and privilege. She is equally grateful to her husband and children for all their support in everything she does. She also believes that her passion for serving the needy emanates from the noble qualities instilled and nurtured in her by her adopted father Mr. Basavaiah and her father Mr. Subba Rao Chowdary.  She sums up the purpose of her life as, “Even if I could stop a little leaf from falling, a tear from rolling down the cheek of a helpless widow, wailings of a withered old lady …I consider my life is not a waste!”

Despite touching numerous lives, Dr. Hima prefers to remain anonymous. She pleads, “I love my country. I love the great heritage and culture my country.  I love the fresh air of the Indian villages. But I also know that there’s poverty, hunger, exploitation, slums, and homeless people. All this makes me tell myself let-me-do-something.”Recently she was awarded with prestigious Emirates Excellence Award in Social Service, 2022, Dubai.

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