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Navrattan Group's technology driven projects spread across India

Himansh Verma, chairman of Navrattan Group, has acquired 60 IPRs in eco-friendly businesses, which are spread over various industries

Published: Nov 8, 2019 11:45:23 AM IST
Updated: Nov 8, 2019 06:03:38 PM IST

Navrattan Group's technology driven projects spread across India

In this technology-driven epoch, science and technology innovations are playing a vital role in mushrooming different sectors in India. Innovators from various walks of life are coming up with high tech ideas to make eco-friendly projects with limited resources.

Himansh Verma, chairman of Navrattan Group, is a good example thanks to his rapidly growing technological projects. Verma has acquired 60 IPRs, which are spread over various industries.

With the coming of highly demanding enterprise in India, the economy also supported these creative ventures that have increased expectations of the business. The country is now reassuring imaginative eco-accommodating tasks that have emphatically helped the economy.

Navrattan Group remains steadfast in more than six verticals; to be specific, Navrattan Science and Technology KFT, Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited, Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., Navrattan Holdings Ltd, Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd and Navrattan USA Inc.

The Group possesses rights to elective vitality innovation such as SUNSUL Technology, Navrattan Green Crete, Navrattan Composite Electric Bus, Thermo Chemical Gasification Technology, Sewage Sludge Incinerator, Basalt Rebar, and Affordable lodging plans for EWS (monetarily more fragile segment) of society. 

Navrattan Green Crete is an eco-accommodating concrete variant that does not pollute the environment and has higher compressive and tensile strength as compared to OPC. This Green Crete is waterproof and fire-resistant. SUNSUL Technology generates 100% clean and green energy, 24x7. The composite E-Bus is a revolutionary technology in the transportation sector. The E-Bus is made with composite fiber materials. At present, 50 such buses are running across the globe, and have been successfully tried and tested over 3 million kilometers of distance. The Sewage Sludge Incinerator solves the problem of sewage disposal and helps to treat the waste at the site. Thermo Chemical Gasification saves from landfills and the severe problem of plastic pollution by converting the waste materials to clean gas that can be used to generate electricity.

A globally distinguished entrepreneur, Himansh Verma has snared the eco-accommodating undertakings, with imaginative thoughts. Verma says, “I am considering the present environmental conditions and exercising on eco-friendly advancements, which will wind up being a safe house for the overall population. This will help the economy and take it to the method for eco-obliging progression.” In the last decade, Verma has been at the helm of the group, and has accelerated its growth. He has infused untiring efforts into the different verticals, to plan for the future.

The group endeavours to serve a significant number of average citizens and its extensive exhibit of verticals has augmented the approaches to accomplish cultural advantage and consumer loyalty. Their attack into creating and securing the privileges of maintainable and green advancements has been a robust articulation of their responsibility. The group accepts that quality and trust is the foundation of the organization culture, and the whole business actives are focused on this methodology. The Navrattan Group rises above regular hindrances of business since they accept that they must encourage comprehensive development.

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