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Vaibhav Maloo: Taking Enso Group to the Next Level

He harbours ambitious growth plans and leads a team who help accomplish all the goals for the Group

Published: Nov 29, 2021 11:37:11 AM IST
Updated: Nov 29, 2021 09:51:23 PM IST

Vaibhav Maloo: Taking Enso Group to the Next Level

Vaibhav Maloo (Managing Director, Enso Group)

All successful businesses in the world need focused and effective leaders. Driving the business requires innovation, the drive, and determination of the people who do it as it is about the product/service they offer. Hence, leaders become invaluable while formulating new business strategies and motivating employees to achieve business goals. Vaibhav Maloo, Managing Director of the Enso Group, is one such leader who focuses on developing others in the organization. He not only helps the team to develop diverse skills but also gives them the tools and the space to build trust among each other. He has a flexible mindset that helps him to try new ideas.  

Vaibhav holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business from Said Business School at the University of Oxford. He has been an active member since the inception of the Group in 2005. His initial role involved handling the Group’s business development and strategy, but later, he took over the responsibility for operations of the energy business. He started handling the marketing of the Group in India. He is also responsible for the administrative role, strategy formulation, and mega projects implementation.

The Enso Group is a diversified global enterprise that offers services in different sectors like solar energy, real estate, healthcare, oil & gas, infrastructure, mineral mining, and more. With a sharp business vision and strategic mind, Vaibhav Maloo harbours ambitious growth plans and leads a team of proficient people who help accomplish all the goals for the Group. Its mission is to build and sustain global, profitable, diversified, and dynamic growth ventures that create enduring value for stakeholders. “Our collective team experience allows us to enter a new segment easily. And, we have entered and exited from a few of them like infrastructure, renewable energy, and distribution of technology & security products. We have also been a turnkey solution provider in our industry segments,” he says.

Changing with the Dynamics of the Evolving Markets

To keep pace with the ever-changing environment, Vaibhav keeps absorbing knowledge and information disseminated via media, social media, and upskilling himself. He stays in touch with the latest technological advancements and keeps improving his management techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Recently, he has learned to be a surgical operator that helps him to do things forensically. “This technique gives the ability to perform tasks with less recurring costs and lighter books as more variable processes are outsourced. This is a key component of the natural resources industry. In other words, we have learned to be faster and more efficient by letting experts do their bit,” he asserts.   

Their corporate philosophy is one where they work with an attitude of grace and kindness, and that doesn’t make them complacent, as they feel accepted and respected everywhere they work, in any part of the world. Currently, the Group is using the latest MIS processes and cloud systems.

Speaking about the workforce, he says, “We hire people who aim to grow with us. We are very selective about who joins us as the candidates go through a rigorous scanning system. Our aim is not only to grow slowly, steadily but also sustainably.” Whenever the company faces challenges, their team gets into firefighting mode and ensures the best outcome for the Group. Their success is measured by the number of lives they touch and make a positive difference in various industries.

Vaibhav Maloo concludes by saying, “Aim to be the best, be it in career, personal life or anything that is your priority. Take enough time to discover what you love doing, and after due self-discovery process, set out to tread on a lifelong journey on your chosen path. Feel free to change paths, rather than land up in an obsolete desert in search of an oasis.”

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