Zaf Baker – The new age entrepreneur who has emerged as a winner turning multiple businesses profitable

Zaf has come a long way and established himself as a top notch entrepreneur

Published: Jan 14, 2021 12:48:31 PM IST

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Some people have that Midas touch, Zaf is one of them who has the perfect mindset and thought process that takes one to the road of glory.

At 27, this young man is conquering the business world unlike many others who fail to achieve the kind of success Zaf has at this age. Managing multiple businesses is no child’s play, but Zaf would fail to agree on this. He has his hands deep in different ventures which include motor cars, property and investing which are running without any glitches and raking in the moolah big time. Zaf has his business interests in London and Dubai and keeps shuttling between the two countries to keep updated about his business proceedings. With work expanding, there are plans to soon enter the United States of America soon.

Zaf is a born winner and his secret mantra to success in his own words is “There is no place in my life for losing, or standing in the line in the second position, it’s always the word win that’s music to my ears”. He likes to be around like minded individuals who inspire him to strive for more. Zaf’s Instagram profile is bursting with pictures taken with the who’s who of sports, entertainment and business world, many of which Zaf shares personal and business relationships with. One of the most important ingredient according to this young achiever that’s required to achieve those crazy heights of success is to be surrounded by the best minds and to stay away from those who are fine with being surrounded by mediocrity. His popularity grants him the privilege of brushing shoulders with renowned actors, athletes, musicians and other global achievers. He has become Dubai’s tourist attraction himself.

Starting off as a car wholesaler, Zaf has come a long way and established himself as a top notch entrepreneur. Real Estate development and investment is something in which Zaf has done exceedingly well. What he does makes him stand amongst the world’s best, without any second thoughts and that’s why everyone wants to get to know him. The road to success has not been silky smooth and he has encountered many setbacks and conquered all difficulties to list on the top, that’s indeed so inspirational that it would give all those budding entrepreneurs that much needed adrenalin rush to shoot for the stars.

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