Ar. Aamir Sharma
Partner, Aamir & Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH)

Aamir Sharma runs his design practice with his wife, Hameeda Sharma. The studio’s wide-ranging portfolio comprises of over 240 projects. For Sharma, god lies in the details and he produces a range of sketches and designs before beginning a project. His idiosyncratic design concepts have bagged AANDH several awards, such as the prestigious IIID National Award, which they have won four times.

Ar. Abin Chaudhuri
Abin Design Studio

Abin Chaudhuri is famous in the design industry as a visual thinker and an impulse seller. His stint at the Domus, Italy’s foremost design academy, has sculpted his approach to design. Chaudhuri, an innovator at heart, experiments with materials and technology even as he engages intimately with art and culture. He has been featured in the prestigious South Asian cross-border list of ‘The 50 Most Influential Names in Architecture and Design’ and is the only Indian architect to be awarded World Colour Awards and the Black Elephant Kyoorius Award. He is also the fountainhead of Kolkata Architecture Foundation, a platform for public intervention through art and design, and an open source for human habitat.

Ar. Gayathri Shetty

Gayathri Shetty’s work is deeply rooted in India’s timeless traditions and cultural legacy, and is inspired by the way humans engage with nature. She runs her practice, the much-awarded GNA, with Architect Namith Varma. The architectural studio, which works on a cross-section of projects such as residences, recreation, hospitality and campus design, has bagged a total of 27 national awards.

Ar. Krishnarao Jaisim
Founder, Jaisim-Fountainhead

Pursuing architecture was happenstance for Prof Krishna Rao Jaisim. He is rather passionate about mechanics and his father used the irresistible lure of a Triumph Tiger Cub motorcycle to get him to study at Madras School of Architecture. Ayn Rand’s iconic book Fountainhead inspired him to set up his atelier, Jaisim Fountainhead, which is known for earth-friendly design practices and a cost-and-energy efficient approach to design.

Ar. Rahul Gore
Partner, _OPOLIS

He runs his Mumbai atelier with Sonal Sancheti. Rahul Gore has collaborated with several global design greats to create new benchmarks in design, through projects such as Bihar Museum, Patna; Amarvati Capital City Complex competition (with Maki and Associates, Tokyo) and Bhau Daji Lad Museum extension, Mumbai (with Steven Holl Architects). An Associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects, he was a member of the Indian team that won acclaim at the International Urban Design Competition for design of sustainable cities, in Japan, in June 2003.

Ar. Sonali Bhagwati
President, DPA

The co-founder and now President of the contemporary design firm, Spazzio Design, is a CEPT (Ahmadabad) graduate and winner of the L’Institute Francaise D’Architecutre scholarship, which took her to Paris, a city that also shaped her design sensibility. She is a renowned urban planning expert and regularly speaks on city issues, besides conducting heritage walks.

Vikram Phadke
Interspace Inc.

Vikram Phadke heads Interpsace Inc. a Chennai-based multi-disciplinary studio that provides interior design, landscape and project management services. Economical and efficient in their approach to design, Interspace focusses on rationalising space and a more effective use of resources at the studio’s disposal. Among Interspace Inc’s landmark projects, are the Evoluzione and Evolv stores across India, as well as Pod Hotel and Escape Cinemas in Chennai.

Ar. Verendra Wakhloo
Matra Architects and Rurban Planner

Verendra Wakhloo believes that life exists at several levels, including on the subconscious level. All it takes is a good sculptor to chisel it into desired shape, much like an artist would. The influences he absorbed during his time spent in tech-driven Germany and his stint with the legendary architect BV Doshi is apparent in his work. Wakhloo combines material and craft to create projects that go from retail stores to resorts.

Ar. Ambrish Arora
Co-founder, Lotus Studio

Ambrish Arora has worked across an entire spectrum of design disciplines—from boat building to cinema, museum and exhibit design in his three-decade-long career. He co-founded Lotus Studio in 2002 with Sidhartha Talwar and Ankur Choksi. The studio has a distinguished corpus of work and has snagged close to 100 prestigious design and architecture awards, within India and internationally.

Ar. Raja Raja Menon
Director, ARCOP Associates

Raja Raja Menon’s two-decade long experience is backed by his grounding in architecture design, sustainability and urban architecture. A member of the Council of Architecture, India, Menon is known for his large of body of work which spans commercial and offices, residences, institutions and public buildings, healthcare, hospitality and interiors.

Ar. Kapil Gupta
Serie Architects

Kapil Gupta is a modernist at heart, even as he doesn’t lose sight of the past. As former director of Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai, Gupta curated India’s first-ever entry to the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006, entitled ‘Bombay’s Land: Between the Relic and the Void’. He lectures widely and Serie Architects’ work has been exhibited at travelling international exhibitions.