Coronavirus Outbreak: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella writes to employees, says 'there is no playbook for this'

Currently, the Microsoft COVID-19 tracking website shows 446 active cases, 37 recovered cases and 9 fatal cases in India.

Published: Mar 24, 2020
Corona virus outbreak

As coronavirus outbreak is getting worse with a worldwide spread, people have been advised to socially distance themselves and work from home. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has also encouraged his employees to do so.

An email was sent by Satya Nadella to the company's employees where he asks his employees to work together to fight the pandemic. He emphasised on the fact that the employees can stay at home while being productive.

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The Microsoft CEO has also tweeted announcing that they are collaborating with CDC to make its Coronavirus Self-Checker available to everyone. Since the healthcare departments are overwhelmed with patients at the moment, this step is aimed to lessen their burden so that the healthcare workers can concentrate on providing the treatment to people who need it most.

Microsoft has also launched a COVID-19 tracker website so that people from all across the world can stay updated about the number of cases, deaths, recovered cases around them. Right now, the website shows 446 active cases, 37 recovered cases and 9 fatal cases in India.

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