Digitizing Employee Experience for better customer service and more seamless growth

15 February, 2023

Digital transformations are sweeping across all facets of businesses in recent times. Alongside digitization in business processes and customer engagement,enterprises are seeing immense value in adopting technology to enhance employee experience. By streamlining processes and automating predominantly manual tasks, large and small companies have been able to improve efficiency and productivity in their organizations.Towards better employee engagement and satisfaction, companies have also begun to provide them with more self-service options and mobile access to information and resources.

Essentially, ‘employee experience’encompass everything from how employees think and feel through every single touchpoint during their time with a company. It traces the entire employee journey, with the goal of creating a satisfied, dedicated workforceand thereby boost both the top and bottom lines of the organisation.

Within that context, digitizing employee experienceshas been enablingorganizations to track and analyze employee data more effectively and thereby, identify areas for improvement, while also facilitating the management to make more informed decisions.

To probe the minds of COOs who have spearheaded successful digital transitions in the employee experiences domain and understand how this can help organizations to become more agile, responsive, and effective, ServiceNow in partnership with Forbes India hosted a Round Table discussionin Delhi, themed ‘Digitizing Employee Experience’. The participants included SatyaJha, CBO, Grant Thornton LLP; SriramArthanari, CTO, Cosmo First; Simar Deep Kaur, HR Head, Max India and Rajeev Chadha, Regional Director, ServiceNow. Moderated by television journalist and news anchor, ParomitaChatterjee, they shared their journeys and the final outcome of their trysts with digitizing employee experiences.

The discussion began with all the participants explaining how their respective organizations planned and executed these exercises. They elaborated on the challenges they had faced during the transition and how these were overcome to achieve the outcomesthat were desired.

Rajeev Chadha of SerivceNow talked about how unified employee experiencesat his clients’ organisations were helping them to align people, processes and technology to deliver improved productivity and financial performance.

Based on their experiences, the panel described the factors that significantly contributed to employee engagement and productivity. They discussed how the workplace environment, work culture and streamlining of work processesall contributed to better employee experience, in addition to monetary compensation.They also touched on how companies could appraise the cyber persona of their employees while digitizing employee experience.

The participants shared concrete use cases to demonstrate how employee and customer experience intersect and satisfied employees lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

SriramArthanari narrated Cosmo First’s approach to prioritizing employee needs, through increased autonomy and trust,and how it culimated in achieving organizational goals.

Giving examples from his own experienceat Grant Thornton, SatyaJhashared his insights on how ensuring exceptional employee experiences could expand the possibilities for an organization.

Since tracking and analyzing employee data becomes crucial to identify areas for improvement, Simar Deep Kaurtalked about how Max India’semployee-focused strategy in its HR approachhad resulted in more informed decision-making at the enterprise level.

Rajeev Chadhaoffered tangible suggestions on how organization could go about evaluating the ROI of investments in employee experience and described how ServiceNow has been crafting tools that aim to minimize friction and frustration for employees in the work process.

While concluding, each of the corporate stalwards offered their top three recommendations for creating a robust and forward-thinking employee experience platform. The takeaway from the round table was simple; while customers are certainly the lifeblood of a business,employees are the heart and play a ciritcal role in driving success. Improving the employee experience enables an organisation to create an exceptional company culture. More importantly, empowered and satisfied employees translate into better customer service and more seamless growth for the enterprise.