The style meisters: How to look like a million dollars

How to master the billion-dollar look
Curated By: Yatan Ahluwalia
Published: Feb 17, 2017
The style meisters: How to look like a million dollars

Image by : Vikas Khot; Art Direction: Anjan Das

Recommendations for getting groomed to perfection:
Boy by Chanel has a perfect balance between masculine and feminine notes and makes you smell good for longer.
Advanced Hair Magic fibres that make your hair appear thicker and heavier.
Beard Comb by Beardo to comb and style the man hair.
Quintessentially membership card for the global traveller that gives access to the best spas, customised lifestyle and bespoke services.
La Solution 10 De Chanel to keep your skin hydrated as well as looking fresher and younger.
Shaving brush by The Body Shop to work up a rich lather.
Oil control cleanser by Kaya Men to prevent build of oil.
Fabindia day lotion doubles as a moisturiser and sunscreen.
Luxurious sandalwood and orange peel shaving cream by Forest Essentials that smells just as good as it feels.
Wella hair gel to give you a sculpted, dry and long lasting style.
Fragrance kit by The Body Shop, a perfect gift for the man who likes to smell good.
Apricot scrub by Junaili, a natural Himalayan solution for blackheads.
Himalayan Deodar soap by Kama Ayurveda for a moisturising chemical free bath.
Scrub by Kiehl’s, which removes dead skin and impurities.
Beardo styling wax formulated especially for facial hair.
Body cleanser by Kama Ayurveda, a mild and effective shower gel that substitutes the need for using soap.