An electric beast and a wired luggage for the road

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Published: Nov 26, 2015 06:03:16 AM IST
Updated: Nov 20, 2015 06:13:20 PM IST
An electric beast and a wired luggage for the road

Electric Beast

The Zec00 is a Japanese hand-built electric motorcycle wearing the 144 Nm/160 kmph motor from California’s Zero Motorcycles. It shows a new architecture better suited to electric power-trains, including hub centre steering and batteries placed ahead of the rider. Range? 160km. There’s 49 of them priced approximately at Rs 47 lakh (in Japan).

For the Road

Tired of crowding around precious airport outlets like a buzzard around carrion? Next trip, pack your gear in Bluesmart hardtop ‘wired luggage’ (available from December 1), which synchs automatically to your phone. Its built-in battery has enough life to fully charge any of your devices six times; through the companion app you can track your travel data and even weigh the bag the second you’re done packing. And next time you fly to Miami and your airline sends your luggage to Timbuktu, Bluesmart’s GPS capability will tell you exactly where it is.



Timeless Elegance

The 32 mm Dior VIII Montaigne with a mother-of-pearl bezel is adorned with coloured dials. With a translucent pink or dark blue lacquered dial, these timepieces boast a svelte silhouette and architectural line, a harmonious combination of Dior colours and watch-making material featuring the luminous grey of the polished steel, refined touches of pink gold and the sparkle of diamonds. These two new colourful and feminine timepieces complete the Dior VIII Montaigne wardrobe.

Snug Seat

This ultra cosy chair from Walter Knoll rightly takes its name from the Chinese word Bao which means to hug. Designed by EOOS (a team of Austrian furniture designers), it is framed in steel and features a swivel base.

(Snug seat, courtesy Better Interiors; Electric beast, courtesy Overdrive)

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