Maruti Ertiga Vs Mahindra Mini Xylo

Without even a single car sold, the Ertiga has already got the biggest pundits in the automobile business talking.

Ashish K Mishra
Published: 12, Apr 2012

Former senior principal correspondent at Forbes (India). Since 2008, I have been writing on corporate strategy in the automobiles, clean technology and supply chain space. Before I got onto this assignment, I was part of the team that covered feature articles at The Economic Times. I actually started out as a trainee journalist on the ET desk in 2006. I graduated in commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi and now live in Mumbai. I love automobiles and spend hours reading up on them and then devote painfully long hours to work on old cars that attract my fancy. Right now I own four cars (my colleagues call them fancy, junk or whatever) and a bicycle which outside my work hours get most of my attention.

Earlier today Maruti Suzuki launched its multi-purpose vehicle, Ertiga. A seven seater, diesel plus petrol power train-  Maruti claims fuel efficiency of 16.02 kmpl for the petrol and 20.77 kmpl for the diesel version. Available in seven colours, with safety features such ABS and front airbags, one can buy the Ertiga at an ex showroom price of Rs. 5. 45 lakh for the petrol (base variant) and Rs. 8. 45 lakh for the top end diesel. This is an unbeatable package from the largest car manufacturer in the country.

Without even a single car sold, the Ertiga has already got the biggest pundits in the automobile business talking. “Expect Ertiga to cause carnage in the market. It will hit everything from Maruti’s own Dzire, other sub 10 lakh saloons, the Xylo and even Innova,” tweeted Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor of AutocarIndia. The excitement at a Maruti dealership in Mumbai was high. A senior sales manager I spoke to said, “We are expecting it to do very well considering Maruti has never had any product in this segment. It will be an ideal car for people who have large families and want to travel together.”

It looks the part and Ertiga will be a serious challenger to car companies (people movers/utility vehicle manufactures) like Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) and Toyota. Although at this stage, it is not clear how it will impact  sales of the Innova and what Toyota has up its sleeve. But don’t expect M&M to just let Maruti to conquer its turf. A senior official at M&M reveals that the company is readying its counter to the Ertiga- a compact Xylo. To be launched sometime in August-September this year- M&M has been working on the mini Xylo for about three years.

The story goes that it was in January 2011 that M&M called its dealers and vendors to its Nagpur plant to show them the compact Xylo and the XUV 500. “There was a huge interest in the mini Xylo, people were very bullish about it…even more than the XUV 500 and everybody was crowding around it,” says the M&M official who did not want to be quoted. By now you already know the huge success of the XUV 500. M&M believes the compact Xylo will surpass that success story.

To be able to do that M&M has put everything it has got in its engineering & styling department to build this product. The compact Xylo will be powered by a 1500 cc, 3 cylinder CRDi engine. Getting its existing M hawk 2.2 liter engine (which powers the Mahindra Scorpio) down to that size was a big challenge. “While the product has been ready for sometime but there were issues with vibrations and high sound level but those have been taken care of now,” added the official. Expect the price of the compact Xylo to be absolutely competitive with the Ertiga. And of course, the fight in the utility vehicles space becomes very interesting.

  • Dharmarajan KS

    Expecting more fuel efficiency and service centre

    on Apr 25, 2015
  • sukumar kodiyery

    2 years waiting for your minixylo.a dream vehicle for middle class.reveal the milleage of minixylo wonder

    on Sep 13, 2012
  • chandan gowda

    Eritga is worst car, good in mileage but not in pickup and no space. Instead of eritiga vdi we can buy xylo E 4 variant, good in pickup and space very good vehicle than innova and ertiga

    on Aug 6, 2012
    • midhunantony

      Ertiga is much better then XYLO,INNOVA.........

      on Sep 12, 2013
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    [...] myself wait for Mahindra Mini Xylo to be launched to decide between that vs. Maruti Ertiga as my next vehicle. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in [...]

    on Aug 6, 2012
  • devdatt bandekar

    4x4 variant in which car?

    on Jun 8, 2012
  • Anant

    With all the hype around LUV Ertiga from Maruti, I went to check it on the Launch day... to be honest, I was disappointed with overall package ! On the launch day, we were not allowed for the test drive but I am not too keen to try it even now. However, looking forward for launch of Xylo mini !... may be, I have always been enjoying driving bolero ;)

    on Jun 8, 2012
  • Raj

    How does it look? - MIni xyxlo

    on May 1, 2012
  • Mithun

    I am a die hard fan of M&M vehicles such as Scorpio & XUV 500, but when it comes to service and reliabilty i trust Maruti Suzuki. Best part is, I went to check the Ertiga looks and features the day it was launched in the showroom and i returned home with a reciept of Ertiga booking slip without even a test drive :-) Im in LUV with Ertiga :-) :-)

    on Apr 19, 2012
  • Ganesh

    I don't think mini Xylo can match ertiga. Mini Xylo is said to have 70ps engine compared to ertiga's 90PS, but Mini Xylo is said to be a 2+3+2 seater. So, it will be severely underpowered. I TD ergiga diesel, and felt it is under powered when fully occupied. Mini Xylo might beat Ertiga in terms of pricing as it falls in small care category, but may not match it in sales or attraction. Given the marketing capability of Maruti (which could even make an ugly car like Dzire into grand success), and the capabilities of ertiga, it will definitely be an another success story like Swift. Plz note that i am not against M&M coz i write this. In fact i am a die hard fan of Scorpio. Well done MS. Keep rocking, but no more ugly cars plz.

    on Apr 17, 2012
  • PKummar

    all true about ertiga and M&M. But the truth is that Ertiga is a bigger car, not a Jeep. it delivers comfort and XUV is excitement. it will be nice to understand the difference b/w the two tastes to like the two vehicles. there is no competetion b/w two, as they are two different segment vehicles

    on Apr 17, 2012
  • jassi

    i dont think with current images as available on web for mini xylo would beat the Maruti ertiga , Mahindra to get a vehicle in less than 4 meters category is mixing a 7 seater concept with that, which maruti has not tried, they have genuinely made a large family car, and allowed the owner to use it as per requirement, generally i feel in a 3 box ur luggage space is wasted, here it allows to have third row if you want or luggage space if you want. Maruti ertiga is my choice and peeps into my plans to uy a family mover

    on Apr 13, 2012
    • puneeth kumar

      i like ertiga but sum people telling pick up is nt gud

      on May 15, 2012
      • punit

        yes its true

        on Aug 2, 2012
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