Winners For 2013
  • Outstanding Philanthropist

    Rohini and Nandan Nilekani

    Why they won

    For having given nearly Rs 350 crore, especially to ideas which CSR doesn't fund. Rohini has committed to giving Rs 20 crore every year; Nandan has spent five years at UIDAI as part of the 'giving back to society' process.

  • Corporate Catalyst

    Anu Aga

    Why she won

    For interpreting philanthropy as more than just signing a cheque and for getting personally involved in building philanthropic institutions.

  • The Good Company Award

    Narayana Health

    Why they won

    For setting up a 6,000-bed multi-specialty hospital chain across India that provides world-class treatment based on a cross-subsidised model.

  • The Crossover Leader

    Ramesh Ramanathan & Swati Ramanathan

    Why they won

    For making the transition from their careers in New York and London to start Janaagraha.

  • Distinguished Non-Resident philanthropist

    Romesh Wadhwani

    Why he won

    For creating institutional frameworks for entrepreneurship in India. The Wadhwani Foundation has created a resource network for young entrepreneurs to dip into and is working to get policy bottlenecks removed.

  • Distinguished Family of the year

    The Bajaj family

    Why they won

    For dedicating their wealth, time and effort for the public good and preserving the tradition of giving.

  • Outstanding Corporate Foundation

    Godrej family

    Why they won

    For consistently carrying out a wide range of philanthropic activities.

  • NextGen leader in Philanthropy

    Amit Chandra

    Why he won

    For giving his time and money to social causes and bringing the advantage of his business networks to his philanthropic work.

  • The Good Samaritan Award

    Archana Raghuram

    Why she won

    For bringing a sense of focus, purpose and outcome in Cognizant's volunteering efforts in the education space. And for not losing the essence of the grassroots connect between volunteers and students.