About The Awards

Ever since our launch in May 2009, Forbes India has been a champion of entrepreneurial capitalism, in line with the Forbes' DNA. We also share the vision that over the next ten years, India has a never-before chance to create an entrepreneurial renaissance.

Apart from chronicling that journey, the magazine seeks to play a catalytic role in spotting and recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs. Instituting The Forbes India Leadership Awards is one big step in that direction. In many ways, the themes behind each award category reflect the editorial agenda of our magazine. At Forbes India, we believe in the spirit of fair play: entrepreneurs need to follow the rules. That's why we put in enormous effort to research each nomination and put them through a stringent methodology. This is the fifth year of the Forbes India Leadership Awards, our annual effort to recognize outstanding leaders.

Transformational leadership, which the 2016 edition of the Forbes India Leadership Awards seeks to honour, includes individuals and organisations who have achieved success through their vision, foresight, and business ethics.

This year's nominees—who the Forbes India team has short-listed across nine award categories—have put their enterprises on a new growth trajectory by taking bold decisions and creating value for all stakeholders. They are individuals and organisations who believe in creating an environment where leadership can thrive; they help create a new generation of leaders.

The profiles of these nominees are as diverse as the spectrum of entrepreneurship in India: There are chiefs of banks with billions of dollars in assets, there are heads of companies who have painstakingly created a valued brand and a sustainable business, there are founders of startups who have carved a niche for themselves in a short span of time, and there are social entrepreneurs who are employing their business acumen to improve the society we live in.