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FILA 2012 - Seeing What's Next (video)

For those who missed our live webcast, or the recording we posted later- here's the link to the evening's program. Its just over two hours.

Cuckoo Paul
Updated: Oct 5, 2012 05:59:22 PM UTC

Cuckoo Paul is Senior Associate editor at Forbes India. She spends most of her time looking for interesting business stories. She is biased towards tales of dirty, old-style, brick-and-mortar companies in the oil & gas, power and heavy engineering companies. She also looks continuously, if somewhat skeptically, over the horizon to examine clean technologies which threaten to change the old order. Apart from refining margins, her other obsession is with things airborne. She learnt flying on a Piper Super Cub and follows commercial and general aviation keenly. She is also on the board of Childfund India, an NGO that supports about 70,000 children in the country.

You may have caught my last post, where I wrote about the Forbes India Leadership Awards, where seven business leaders took up our challenge to speak for just 3 minutes and share their ideas on Seeing What's Next. For those who missed our live webcast, here's the recording of the evening's programme. Its just over two hours long.


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