Guess who? The author of this piece is closer than you think

Some say it's a secular force, others, a piece of bad news—the author of this piece may be a bit of both, and closer to you than you could imagine

Updated: Sep 3, 2020 03:42:33 PM UTC
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Synopsis: We all are draped in layers of identities. Some we know, some we don’t.


Let me tell you all a story. My story.

I was born to a set of Communist parents. While Communism has been all but routed from planet Earth, I always had a proclivity for some of its core principles. Equanimity of all, being one. I was raised in a very closed setting, with few friends to play with. A pretty rigid environment for the most part, with umpteen checks and controls.

As I grew up, some of my principles assumed stronger dominance. By now, I am one with some high-flyers on my friend list, I can proudly say. I raised a family, and my extended family now is based far and wide. I am a well-travelled person by now, a globe trotter in the truest sense.

In the process, I wanted to bring some of my principles to fruition, till the time I am alive. One life, live it to the fullest, after all. Let me espouse a few of such values I live by, every single day.

A patriarchal society that we are in, an unequivocal bias of males over females, in matters ranging from home chores to boardrooms, is all so common. Why should boys have all the fun after all? In my limited capacity therefore, I have risen to stand up for those hapless women. I wish my resolute effort sees men doing household chores like dishes and floor mops more often, and I do regale in those sights!

Why should basic rights like health and medical infrastructure be reserved just for the upper echelons of society? I have sworn upon those who have been tormented by our social justice system; I will try to show the mirror to the most privileged section of what it takes to suffer like the former. No bias, no prejudice. Equanimity in joy, and in suffering. That's all we live for, ain't it?

For long, the environment has been witness to an unbridled greed and lust for more. I have been, in my small capacity, trying to restore some semblance of balance to it. A gulp of fresh air should never be a luxury to wish for. A speck of clear blue sky can never be confined just to snaps.

Political bickerings make a lot of noise each day. My friends happen to be folks from either side. I embrace party members across lines, as I believe one can have rivals, but not enemies. And trust me, I do have a whole bunch of this group of friends till date. More to befriend though!

For far too long, the opium of masses has opinionated people, way too strongly, and violently. Religion was meant to be the comforting solace to a tormented mind, but factions across lines have used it to no end, to justify the unjustifiable. Civilisations have fought over it, architectural marvels have been razed in its name, and so much more. Similar is the case with castes and creeds, that are human creations after all. The balanced personality that I am, I embrace all religions and castes with equal élan. I have friends across all sects, and I have hugged all with equal fervour.

From what I just narrated, I might as well be termed the most secular, democratic, tolerant, liberating, emancipating force that humankind ever crossed paths with—or so I would like to believe. May the planet be endowed with forces more like mine, or is it so?

My peers call me by myriad names. Some, when referring to my nature, call me a Transcriptome, while others say I'm an Epitranscriptome. Big words, huh? Those who look at just my external self often vilify me as "simply a piece of bad news wrapped up in protein". Some acerbic name-calling that, eh? I mean, did I sound so noxious when I explained my identity earlier?

The world at large knows me better as the novel coronavirus.

The writer is a Strategy and Digital consultant, primarily working with Consumer Goods, Retail domains. He has worked with leading clients in US and APAC, and holds an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad

The thoughts and opinions shared here are of the author.

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    A brilliant character sketch of the egalitarian virus mankind has ever fought with. Probably, the last communist to tread our planet.

    on Sep 4, 2020