Work from Home: Getting it right

A leadership coach on how to use this time to redesign your life, routine and career choices, and make working-from-home work for both you and your family

Updated: Apr 13, 2020 04:12:43 PM UTC
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Working from home requires self-leadership. We can be productive and creative as well as enjoy a balanced life when we give attention to our life holistically. Here are some ways to get this balance right.

Exert your free will
Our productivity is influenced by our state of mind. We can either allow Covid-19 to rule our minds or we can avoid getting caught up in the fear of unknown. Currently, more than ever, technology is a boon and bane, and to be used wisely, with awareness. There is an avalanche of information. We need to be disciplined to know when to pull the plug on our gadgets.

Take ownership of your role
Typically, we have a team at hand to discuss and delegate to. Social distancing calls for the need to plan and prioritise, since one can’t walk across an aisle to chat. When we take ownership of our role and recognise that we are equally responsible for keeping the economy and businesses running, we can deliver excellence.

Work collaboratively
We can be efficient and productive when we work collaboratively and let go of attachment to identifications. By anchoring ourselves with our inner voice, we can engage strategically with others to achieve our goals.

Opportunity to be creative
We can use this slowdown as an opportunity to expand our horizons, change gears, redefine perspectives and reshape our lives. While I recognise that many businesses are battling existential crises, fear is not going to help us find out-of-the-box solutions. In that state of silence, we can access a reservoir of possibility, to move forward creatively and fearlessly. Nelson Mandela emerged as a stronger spirit to fight apartheid. Newton’s great works occurred during his confinement from plague.

Stay connected
Communication is critical at a time when work-from-home is not a luxury but a necessity. Every CEO is writing personal letters to assure the team that they are cared for and needed for the company to emerge from this crisis. Communicating frequently will help ensure that everyone is on-board and aligned. With plans rapidly changing with the evolving situation, staying connected with the team will facilitate agility. Also, clarity in communication of expectations, timelines and deliverables will help enhance efficiency.

As the geographic boundary between home and office blurs, we need to enrol every member of the family and be transparent about our commitments and constraints to get their support. By drawing up a schedule for work, play, family and self, we can use this time as an opportunity to work as well as discover ourselves as human beings at a holistic level. We can use this time to reflect on our relationships, our passions, our career choices and choose this time to redesign our life.

The writer is founder and CEO of Arka Leadership

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