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Every January, the WEF convenes its annual summit of global leaders at Davos, a three-hour train ride from Zurich.

Marcus Ranney
Updated: Jan 19, 2016 06:51:20 PM UTC

Dr. Marcus Ranney is a business professional in healthcare and technology. He completed his Bachelors of Science and Medical degrees from University College Medical School in London. His expeditions have led him climbing the sides of Everest, skiing in the Arctic, the European Alps and serving as a medical officer in the Royal Air Force and at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. After practicing clinical medicine in London he made the transition to Mumbai where he has since worked within the Healthcare and Life-sciences industry across functions - currently serving as the General Manager of Thrive Global in India, a U.S. based behaviour change technology and media company founded by Arianna Huffington. A published author, public health commentator and keynote speaker, in 2013, the World Economic Forum appointed him as a Global Shaper. Marcus is a keen athlete and marathon runner, holding a Guinness World Record for backwards running. Most of all he thoroughly enjoys being a father to his two young children.

Every January the World Economic Forum, (WEF) convenes its annual summit of global leaders at Davos, an otherwise sleepy town nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps (Photo: Ruben Sprich / Reuters)

I’m 36,000 feet high, in the air over Europe, about half an hour away from touch down in Zurich. Three months have passed since I received the invitation and it’s been a whirlwind journey already, without even having reached the city.

Established in 1971, the World Economic Forum, (WEF) is committed to improving the state of the world and is the international organization for public-private cooperation. Every January the WEF convenes its annual summit of global leaders at Davos, a three-hour train ride from Zurich.

For four days this otherwise sleepy town nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps sees a frantic buzz of activity, as it becomes the global capital. World leaders from business and industry descend on this village, joined by the heads of state of almost every single nation on earth. The agenda - to discuss the current state of the world and through a series of informal and intimate discussions, the 2000 people in attendance arrive at a consensus for how to tackle these in the upcoming year.  So that's 2000 people and me.. Why you I hear you ask? Well, each year the WEF selects 50 youth leaders to represent the voice of the next generation at the table. Coined "Global Shapers" the role of this cohort is to ensure that the thoughts and opinions of the 4 billion youth on this planet are adequately heard.

A practicing doctor from London, I moved to Mumbai in 2010 and since then have been involved in a host of advisory and operational roles for players in the healthcare and life-sciences realm in both the private and public sector. This year, for my work and commitment to the healthcare sector and my increasing involvement as an investment professional supporting entrepreneurs, the WEF has invited me to be part of this cohort.

Months of preparation have gone into what is to unfold for me in the next five to six days. With confirmed bilateral meetings with the world’s biggest movers and shakers in the healthcare space, including heads of state, this is going to be a life changing experience. My hope is that I can contribute as much as I absorb from the discussions and dialogue that are to unfold between now and the 24th of January.

This blog will keep you updated on the inner stories from the conference. I hope to share with you anecdotes and my experiences from along the way, and aim to be as thought provoking as I can. I invite you the reader to feel free to reach out to me and ask questions and pass comments on the material being presented, as I endeavour to be your voice at the table too!

The captain has just switched on the seat belt sign, ominous of what is to be a roller coaster of a trip ahead!

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