5 tips to transform yourself into an intrapreneur

Intrapreneurship helps accelerate engagement, sustain productivity, and increase revenue

Rajeev Shroff
Updated: Dec 24, 2018 01:56:34 PM UTC
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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Finding the right talent is a task. But when you do find the perfect match, helping them evolve into a leader becomes the organisation’s responsibility. ‘Corporate intrapreneurship’ perfectly defines the struggle of organisations to acquire the right talent. It basically means setting up a self-sustainable ecosystem that will ensure a strategic evolution of the existing business, for the future generation leaders.

Intrapreneurship thus, becomes a mindset. A journey of an individual evolving into an employee who thinks of the organisation as their own. An employee from within the organisation with an entrepreneurial mindset and the resources at their disposal.

Here are five attributes that set intrapreneurs apart from the rest of their peers.

1) Ownership – Not just a job
“This is my company” Intrapreneurs promote the workplace culture with a strong sense of belonging. Right from exercising financial prudence in deciding which vendor to work with on projects (without compromising on quality) to exerting a strong will on making things happen 'the right way'. From being at the forefront to driving an initiative, to leading by example and becoming an inspiration for others to follow – they exhibit a strong sense of accountability.

2) Limitless; Beyond hierarchy
“What next?”
Intrapreneurs never settle. They are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow. Investing their time and energy in making life at work a hassle-free journey, they work with the attitude that ‘Nothing can be impossible if you put your mind to it.’ Their propositions are concrete and crisis management skills nurtured with practice. There is no fear or hesitation while coming up with new ideas, whether they get implemented or not. A 'never give up' winner’s attitude makes them the best at what they do.

3) A journey of self-transformation
“Not my job!”
There is a way to differentiate between a mere employee and an intrapreneur. Expanding beyond their job descriptions and key result areas (KRs), the latter are always multi-tasking and willing to share their knowledge with their peers. One minute, they are ideating on a new campaign, the other, they are discussing the possible design aesthetics. They are always willing to gracefully accept feedback if it adds value to the team or the business, and are proactive in thinking ‘for’ the organisation. They are self-driven, result-oriented individuals who always believe in upholding the organisations’ values.

4) Work towards unifying the team
“My team, my strength”
Intrapreneurs are often seen at the forefront for team engagement activities. Like the glue that holds the team together, they are a listening ear for one, a friend-philosopher-mentor to another; a venting medium for some, and a go-to person for the rest. Dependability and trust form an integral part of their working styles. In an effort to ensure that the happiness quotient at the workplace remains intact, they reach out to every team member as they would reach out to a friend.

5) Calculated risk taking
“More risk, more gain”
Inculcating a sharpened business acumen with their ability to take calculated risks. A pro towards integrating technology, intrapreneurs can think of multiple solutions to a problem. They can pivot as an individual and ensure that the manifestation of their journey becomes an experience worth embracing for their peers; while being equally responsible to take the onus of failures and set things right again.

“Intrapreneurship is an attitude, not a department.” – Dawn Elyzabeth

Some people often get chided as ‘The OCD or Perfectionist’ with their eye on the minutest details of every project, process, and policy; irrespective of whether it has been assigned to them or not. But breaking away from the stereotypes of “we’ve always done things this way”, intrapreneurs strive towards re-inventing the way goals and targets are achieved, to yield better results. Learning the ropes by deep-diving into the core of the business, they often have one question that keeps them going ‘What would make this organisation grow’? Aligned with the organisation’s vision and focused on reaching the end goal; they take the entire team along.

Why be an intrapreneur when you can be just another employee/manager?
Intrapreneurs understand that the current deeds to fame will not take the organisation ahead in the future. This keeps them forever on their toes with their thinking hats on to expand the organisation’s reach across verticals. Sharpening their soft skills and consistently on a journey of learning to enhance their art of communication, they exude an aura of self-confidence, are social, and are skillful in striking a meaningful conversation even during their first meetings.

An intrapreneur’s attitude can transform your mundane work-life-routine into a passion for growth and excellence. Intrapreneurship helps accelerate engagement, sustain productivity, and increase revenue. Besides, it gives you a perspective and acts as a catalyst for positivity, helping you emerge as a stronger and wiser leader.

The author is a Transformation Coach & Consultant and the founder of Cupela, a company that helps aspiring leaders define their direction through a series of powerful and purposeful conversations.

The thoughts and opinions shared here are of the author.

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