An Excerpt from 50 Years: The Rolling Stones

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Updated: Jul 24, 2012 01:31:08 PM UTC

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Morons Clowns Animals:

A few of the epithets heaped by a magistrate on The Rolling Stones

Daily Express / July 1st 1965 / Express Staff Reporter

A 16-year-old boy, who admitted smashing a shop window in Glasgow near a cinema where the Rolling Stones pop group had been playing, was told yesterday by magistrate Mr. James Langmuir:

"The surprising thing to me is that you go along and mix with the long-haired gentlemen called the Rolling Stones. What is the attraction for you with morons like that?

"They wear their hair down to their shoulders, wear filthy clothes, act like clowns - and you buy a ticket to see animals like that.

"Do you think that if people come here with their banjos and hair to their waists, you go and smash windows?"

The boy was put on probation for two years and given a year in which to pay for the damage.

This is an excerpt from 50 Years: The Rolling Stones by The eBook People.

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