Storyboard18 | Managers, here's how to get through The Great Resignation of 2021

Titan Company's Vandana Bhalla reflects on how The Great Resignation has affected her as a manager and shares tips on how to get through it

Updated: Dec 13, 2021 06:20:15 PM UTC
Here's how to deal with the great resignation. Image: Shutterstock

As a manager, I believe I am as good as my team. Encouraging my team, supporting them, standing up for them and helping them realise their full potential is my everyday goal. I always make a conscious attempt to form a deeper connection with each member of my team, both on a professional and personal level. I love spending my time talking to them about their interests and challenges within and beyond the workplace. Every such interaction charges me, inspires me, and energises me. Over the years, I have formulated formal and informal ways of doing this regularly.

During the pandemic, I felt an even deeper sense of emotional dependence within the team, whereby it was like a safe place to share our anxieties and laughter, all at the same time. These two years certainly brought us closer, even though many of these interactions were virtual.

The Great Resignation has affected me as a manager. With every resignation that came my way over the past few months, I have felt the ground slipping from under my feet. Seemingly happy members of my team have been attracted by the dazzle of new opportunities. And here I am, losing my sheen.

But every day, I wake up and show up with my head held high, showing little of what I am feeling inside. Given that there might be many managers across the globe currently going through this new impact of the pandemic, here are some tips for managers on how to stay sane during these challenging times of #TheGreatResignation:

1) Let go gracefully: This is currently a worldwide phenomenon, so no point in taking it personally. I can’t hold back someone if they are getting the jobs of their dreams at double the salary (multiple offers). I have accepted every resignation from my team with a smile and wished them luck for their future adventures. Even when, on the inside, I sometimes felt like holding them by their shoulders, shaking them up and asking “what went wrong?”

2) Be their manager till the last day: During their notice period, I have felt a sense of responsibility for their future success. I have spent time giving them feedback on their strengths and development areas, making them aware of their blind spots to help them be ready for their new jobs, even those outside the current organisation. I have also taken feedback from them for myself so that I can work on becoming a better manager for the teams to come. I keep telling myself that having them in my life has been a blessing and I hope to continue the relationship in the future as well.

3) Take one day at a time: These days, I end up spending a significant amount of time liaising with HR for open positions, sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, speaking to my industry networks for recommendations or feedback on candidates, onboarding new people and managing inter-functional stakeholder expectations. Apart from that, I also have to get more deeply involved in day-to-day operational work to make sure that the quality of work does not get compromised through the transition phase. All of this increases my workload. I believe that taking one day at a time is the only way to get through this.

4) New people bring new ideas: I have tried to stay optimistic and have been telling myself all through this period that bringing new people on board will also bring new perspectives and ideas. As the world evolves through the pandemic, so do consumers. Brands will need to evolve and change to stay in tune with the changing consumer needs. This is a great time for new ideas that come with new team members.

5) Fake it till you make it: This is the most important tip. An ex-boss of mine always told me that, during tough times, it helps to fake it. I do think it is great advice for managers to survive the current times.

The writer is Marketing Head – International Business Division, Titan Company and Tanishq. Views are personal. 

The thoughts and opinions shared here are of the author.

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