Today in Tech: Campus Hiring; MIT's Camera Culture

NS Ramnath
Updated: Oct 1, 2012 01:20:43 AM UTC

Campus hiring: a tough season ahead Business Line reports that placement officers in leading engineering colleges are worried that IT companies will hire less freshers this year. They expect it to be down 40-50% compared to last year. “I am not interested in salary, but want our students to be placed in the companies,” it quotes a placement officer as saying.

This was expected. Lower demand for IT services, low utilization rates, smaller hikes and delays in on boarding freshers indicated this would happen. (Infosys results: Now, what will happen to hiringWhat will happen to hiring next year?Utilization rates: three things to remember)

Some of these reasons might go away in the next couple of years as global economy turns around. However, engineering colleges would do well to remember that the growth during the next five to ten years won't be the same as growth in the last ten years. Not just in terms of quantity, but also in terms of the kind of skills that IT companies will demand. Think cloud, social, mobility and big data.


Cool tech from MIT's Camera Culture
Economic Times writes about an MIT project by researchers Kshitij Marwah and Ramesh Raskar which will help turn a mobile phone into a 3D camera.  "We have developed a new camera design called Light Field Camera technology that can be fitted inside a cellphone camera to capture the bundle of light rays coming from the scene, giving users the ability to capture single-shot 3D photos," it quotes Marwah as saying.
If this excites you, you should check out Camera Culture page of MIT. It's treasure trove of technologies around light, vision and cameras. Here's a video on 'how to see around a corner'

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