The Forbes India Art Awards uses a 4 stage methodology to recognize best performers and practices in the world of art. This ambit of the FIAA includes the domains of art collecting, curation, gallery ownership and operations, art writing, art auctioneering, non-profit initiatives, corporate involvement and art events.

Appointment of an expert Advisory Council to identify the various domains and practitioners in the art world. The advisory council also helped map out the art market both sectorally and geographically . The Advisory Council comprised of Dinesh Vazirani – Founder and CEO of Saffronart, India’s largest online auction house, Neha Kirpal – Founder and CEO India Art Fair, India’s largest art fair and summit and Suresh Venkat – Consulting Project Editor, Forbes India

FSCA and KPMG were appointed as research and process tabulators . FSCA is a leading consultancy in the Indian art market and KPMG is a global consulting firm. The FSCA team of researchers gathered data about all the categories and all the nominees. This included data available in both public and semi-private archives. This data was analysed and compiled into nominee Dossiers.

A Jury comprising of four experts in the art world was appointed to study the data compiled on each nominee and to deliberate upon that data. They jury then voted to select one winner in each category. Care was taken to ensure that any juror who was himself/herself nominated or had family members/business associates nominated in any category were asked to recuse themselves from judging that particular category. The Jury included

  • Lekha Poddar, - Jury Chairperson. Ms. Poddar is the founder chairperson of the Devi Art Foundation. Ms Poddar is also heads the South Asia Acquisitions Committee for the Tate Modern Gallery in London
  • Kiran Nadar – Founder of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, one of India’s finest private museums. Kiran Nadar is one India’s most prolific and prominent collectors of art.
  • Ranjit Hoskote - Ranjit Hoskote is a contemporary Indian poet, art critic, cultural theorist and independent curator.
  • Shivinder Mohan Singh – Shivinder Singh is the Executive Vice Chairman of Fortis Healthcare, one of India’s leading healthcare service providers. He is an avid art collector both in his personal and official capacities.

KPMG will carry out independent tabulation of jury votes and determine the winner.