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About Forbes India Innovation Dialogues powered by Nutanix

Forbes India Innovation Dialogues, powered by Nutanix, on December 22, 2020 from 3:30 pm onwards The theme for the upcoming Forbes India Innovation Dialogues is "Reimagining the Future of FSI, with Hybrid Cloud". Digital transformation is disrupting the financial services sector. Adapting to change is now business-as-usual.

It's open season for financial institutions. Digital disruption around the world has brought down the walls that have traditionally shielded the industry from new upstarts. Whether it’s changing consumer demands, threats from leaner FinTechs, or emerging financial or cybercrime risks, adapting to change is now business-as-usual within the financial services sector.

Digital disruption is here to stay; the winners are always the ones who manage to transition to IT and digital infrastructure that support new ways of doing business. Some even find success in a hybrid IT environment, keeping the best of the old while leaving room for experimentation.

Ultimately, this IT evolution for most financial institutions will result in a “cloud-first strategy,” defined as hybrid cloud built on a private cloud-platform implemented with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and managed from a single control plane.

This conversation will look into how banks and financial institutions are adapting to cloud technology, the challenges they have faced on the way, the benefits and lessons, and how the cloud will redefine the future of banking.