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  • 28/11/2022 05:53 PM

Trace.Top is a Geo-Location based metaverse project, which utilizes Augmented Reality technology and is accessible via smartphones. It is a virtual copy of the world’s map, where your avatar moves accordingly to your geolocation. It is on a mission to impress people by using good habits, exploring their surroundings, and having more communication in real life.

Trace aims to break down the digital and physical barrier, allowing people to interact with digital entities in the real world. The target of mass adoption of the metaverse and implementing it with VR is a task that Trace Team is on its way to achieving. Their latest initiative Drive-to-Earn has already caught the eyes of the audience; since gaming accompanied by winning is something, that is surely going to make its mark in the gaming industry as well.

Trace.Top is building on Polygon Blockchain; besides being in the final stage of a potential partnership with Polygon Studios. Trace’s partnerships with real offline brands, alongside its other marketing strategies, have also gained a lot of attention recently. Having deep root understanding of the Indian market, and its potential, Trace recently appointed Abhyudoy Das, one of India’s trusted crypto experts, as their Advisor to expand and dominate the market.

With many other questions lingering around this project and its performance in the future, we got to interact with Bogdan Evtushenko, the Co-Founder and CEO of Trace Metaverse.

Here is a brief summary of the interview.

Question 1:
Can you please tell us what are you building at Trace Metaverse?

Answer: We are creating a metaverse in augmented reality for mobile phones. Our team solves the current problems of the metaverse market:
- creates a game for a mass audience. “Mobile phone users” is the biggest part of the gaming market, and the implementation of augmented reality is thousands of times simpler than virtual reality.

Make your character move in the Trace app, go outside, and move in reality. This is our mission - we motivate people to leave home, explore our beautiful world, make it better, get acquainted, and communicate in reality.

We are independent in technology because we have already developed our own geolocation platform METAFORA for 4 years. According to the comments of many crypto experts, and representatives of Game projects, with whom our colleagues had e-meetings, most of them were amazed at the idea of Trace metaverse, and the results of the development and growth of our community.

Trace Metaverse will offer players a new gaming experience that has not yet been on the market. Our team is inspired by the success of Pokemon Go, the first geolocation game that still retains one of the leading places in different ratings of mobile games. Augmented reality is one of the main upcoming trends of 2023. We will see something similar to the hype of VR in the 2023 New Year, but hundreds of times larger. Therefore, we are creating a game mixing all three spheres: GPS games, Augmented Reality, and Metaverse (play-to-win, Get crypto tokens)

Question 2:
Kindly let us know your team details. Do you have the correct set of skills and experience in the team?

Answer: We have assembled the strongest development team with unique skills and relevant experience in augmented reality, cartography, artificial intelligence creation, and key positions in international corporations such as Intel, Wargaming, Niantic (Pokemon Go), Gameinsight, Kama Games, Yandex.

Question 3:
What is your plan to compete against other giants in the market? Where do you think it
stands a chance to gain users against other rival platforms?

Answer: Competition is the key to a healthy and mature market, but at the moment we do not see global interest in other Crypto gaming projects in South and Southeast Asia. We think we can be widely launched here and find our users. We see our mission in showing the people of Southeast Asia and Latin America the possibilities of the metaverse. In the next few months, we will be able to provide hundreds of thousands of people with an additional opportunity to get TRC crypto tokens.

And returning to the issue of competition, we plan to become crypto and blockchain gaming market leaders in a short time. The Polygon blockchain, on which we deploy our product, also helps us in this. I would like to take this moment and express my gratitude to Polygon Studios for their support and interest in our project.

Question 4:
Why have you appointed Abhyudoy Das as your Indian Advisor? How is that adding to your growth?

Answer: We quickly chose India and Brazil as our main job markets. We have noticed a need for local representatives while working on our goals. Our first adviser Abhyudoy Das is a strong crypto specialist with an extensive number of connections. Abhyudoy Das is also advising many other crypto start-ups at the moment. For now, we have closed the need for advisers in Brazil, we are sure that with such advisers we will have an excellent alliance for productive and long-term work.

The Indian market is greatly underestimated by the global crypto community, there are excellent specialists, very strong projects, and wonderful people. We will also set new world standards for crypto startups.

Question 5:
Tell us something more about your current business model, and what are your plans for
expansion in the gaming economy

Answer: We want to attract a huge audience of users. And since Trace is a location-based metaverse, we plan to sell land plots on which it will be possible to place points of attraction or rent out. Cooperation with brands and conducting marketing campaigns within the platform will allow pay dividends to players.

For example, a cafe chain buys or rents land plots in Trace on which their cafe points are located in reality and conducts various marketing campaigns on them (locations in the metaverse) that will attract visitors to the cafe. Players must approach a certain distance to the building where the cafe is located in order to get game items. Accordingly, there is a practical benefit from the earth in the metaverse, unlike the sensational market players.

So, we plan to build our business model, which includes partnerships with real businesses on the one hand. And millions of users on the other. The benefits for the player are obvious: you create content or play a game, and get crypto tokens on this, which you subsequently sell and receive tokens.

Question 6:
How is the liquidity crunch in the crypto market affecting you? If it is affecting you, then
please state, how you plan to tackle the situation. If it is not affecting you, then please tell us the reason behind it.

Answer: We are not saving our assets in crypto at the moment. Yes, it is “exciting” to launch in a crisis, but this is the best opportunity to receive the services necessary for the development of the project at lower prices, and our users will have the opportunity to get our native crypto token by joining Trace to while the market is experiencing difficulties. Choosing strategic partners, exchanges, and blockchains now requires special attention. Sometimes - other people's difficulties destroy your project. From the first days of existence, we are ready for changes in all key issues, mobility protects us from wrong decisions.

1. Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.
2. The game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly

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