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Shramona Poddar, @mishti.and.meat

Shramona Poddar

About Shramona Poddar

Shramona Poddar is a travel blogger and co-owner of Amrapali Boutique, where she works with her sister Shreya and mother Jaya. Her life as a traveller began when she discovered she was caught in a painful bubble of a daily two-hour commute to work while living in Mumbai. Poddar soon left to pursue her passion. She travels to discover stories and be a storyteller.

creator stats

  • Rank: 69
  • Age: 28
  • Handle: @mishti.and.meat
  • Category: Travel
  • Avg Views: 2,27,195.66
  • Avg Engagement: 11,440.59
  • Engagement Rate: 7.77
  • Avg Reach: 1,81,212
  • Genuity: 98.34
  • Creator INscore: 8.23
*Data as on June 9, 2022. All data is of the past 12 months.