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EDITION: 14 June, 2024
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14 June, 2024


Yotta Data Services
Sunil Gupta, pioneering figure in the data services sector, shares deeper insights
After garnering close to two decades of experience in the business of storing gigatonnes of data and operating 19 third-party data centres, Sunil Gupta co-founded Yotta Data Services in 2019. Suddenly, the pioneer sees himself hemmed in by India's biggest conglomerates and the world's largest tech multinationals, all investing top dollar in data storage. In this podcast, Gupta, the star of the current issues cover, walks us through his journey so far and shares what lies in the future




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    Luxe Travel Special: Maldives is passe, give them the Olympics

    India's HNI tourists have started becoming picky. The Maldives, Bangkok and even the Swiss Alps are now passe. They crave experiences and the best in luxury. This edition of Forbes India shines a light on some of the biggest international sporting events coming up this year, and the Indian tourists making their way there for curated luxe experiences

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