Pepsi is the newest player in the Indian NFT market

The aesthetic of the NFT designs is very similar to the aesthetics of the Pepsi Black 'Zero' product

  • Published:
  • 22/11/2022 02:50 PM

Image: Pepsi Black

The soft drinks company, Pepsi, is the latest addition to the Indian NFT market. It has introduced a set of 20 unique works to enter the nft market in India. The NFTs have been designed by Timea Balo, supervised by the PepsiCo India Design Team. Pepsi India took this step because they want to re-establish its connection with the country's youth, which can be found more in the online community and less in the traditional business space.

The aesthetic of the NFT designs is very similar to the aesthetics of the Pepsi Black 'Zero' product. The NFT market in India is very excited to look at this brand-new collection. It can easily be viewed on OpenSeas, the open-source Web3 marketplace for crypto and NFT collectibles. The designs are very chic and try to connect with the current generation through themes of environment, gaming, creativity, fashion, music, dance, and social media.

The three pillars of Pepsi India are ‘Innovation, Self-Expression, and Evolution,’ and while launching their latest NFT collection, they haven’t deviated from these. Every NFT is available in three variations, including the original, to maintain the concept of personalisation for which NFTs are so popular. The NFT market in India is seeing a lot of new releases, such as the one by Pepsi India, due to the ever-increasing popularity of this new technology, crypto, and crypto assets.

In the collection launched by Pepsi Company India, the colours used are similar to the brand colours. According to Tanu Sinha, the design director of PepsiCo India, the NFTs designed are meant to attract the various passions the Indian youth harbors. They wanted to make the brand feel more accessible and friendly for the current generation.

Pepsi India is also launching a contest with Moj to build awareness about the collection's release. A select few will also get the chance to win some of the new releases. The participants must use the Pepsi Black lens to create innovative content and share it with their audience. This will not only increase awareness about the release by Pepsi but also around the concept of NFT and art collections.

Pepsi’s spokesperson also mentioned that the current generation loves to express themselves, but all their self-expression comes from digital technologies. Gen-Z is constantly evolving as a generation, and they are more aware than their predecessors and can talk about any possible topic, ranging from politics to music, from gaming to fashion. There is no dearth of content in the NFT market in India, but fresh collections like these are bound to generate hype about the company and the concept of NFTs, which have now become a substantial part of society.

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