Baoss Digital: Making sure realtors get their money's worth

Baoss Digital's primary offering changed from creating landing and property pages to lead generation

Published: Jun 18, 2020 10:38:25 AM IST
Updated: Jun 18, 2020 12:27:58 PM IST

Baoss Digital: Making sure realtors get their money's worth

For any business, lead generation is essential. When you don’t have a steady stream of customers coming in and spending money, it’ll be hard to keep your business upright. And even if you have the leads to contact, if you can’t move them along or convert them, you may end up frustrated with your work.

This is how Baoss Digital became what it is now. Baoss Digital originally started as a website design agency. After working with several realtors, Bao Le, the founder and CEO, discovered that what they needed was a source of consistent, high-quality potential clients.

Bao Le is a former software engineer at Dropbox and a current software engineer at LinkedIn. So he started thinking up of ways to help realtors generate leads through paid traffic. That’s how Baoss Digital’s primary offering changed from creating landing and property pages to lead generation. And because Bao Le is a software engineer at LinkedIn, the company is employing industry-level social media lead generation.

As a lead generation company, the company also takes it to the next level by helping realtors qualify these leads by employing various mediums to qualify the leads. They qualify leads through text, email, phone calls, social media messaging, etc. This helps reduce the amount of work that realtors need to do to find the leads by over 80 percent.

Throughout the last couple of years, they focused on serving realtors and teaching them to stop relying on their sphere of influence, door knocking, and referrals for new business. However, they noticed a glaring disconnect between lead generation companies and realtors. This disconnect leaves most lead generation companies frustrated with realtors and leaves the realtors feeling robbed. The disconnect is due to the fact that even if a lead generation company could generate hundreds of thousands of leads for their clients, most realtors don’t have the systems and processes to convert these leads into clients.

After months of seeing realtors struggle with this disconnect, the team at Baoss Digital started working with their realtors to build their flagship program. The flagship program is the Cold to Sold™️ Program, a complete and holistic lead generation and qualification program, created with realtors, for realtors. Beyond just a service, the Cold to Sold™️ Program helps generate and qualify high-quality leads through multichannel systems. This means that realtors don’t speak to any leads until they’re transferred or until they’ve booked an appointment.

Alongside the additional qualification, Baoss Digital also has a strong support system for their realtors. Their realtors get weekly calls with the team to maintain open lines of feedback on lead quality and status. Realtors also get coaching sessions with successful realtors in the program, and more to be added as the program evolves.


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