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Club Mahindra Membership Is the Perfect Cue for Pandemic Blues

Let go of pandemic blues and dive deep into the rainbow of fun at Club Mahindra resorts. Get to know what Club Mahindra membership offers. Read the Club Mahindra Membership reviews, offers, and more

Published: Jan 20, 2021 12:24:37 PM IST
Updated: Jan 22, 2021 12:35:58 PM IST

Club Mahindra Membership Is the Perfect Cue for Pandemic Blues

The year 2020 been a defining one and not for the right reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt. It forced us to put our lives on hold. Whether it was weddings, academics or graduation, our plans had to be shelved. Travel was among the biggest casualties. The hotel and tourism industries were among those that bore the brunt of the lockdown.

But with people slowly beginning to learn to cope with the new normal, tourism is experiencing somewhat of a revival. The pandemic has moved a huge part of our lives into the digital realm. But you can’t make vacationing digital. And so, after so many months spent in lockdown, travel is back and Club Mahindra is the preferred choice.

This is borne out by the steady rise in occupancy at Club Mahindra’s resorts. The company, by far the leading vacation ownership player in the country as per its member base, began opening its resorts in August. It initially opened 30 of its properties and by December, 69 resorts were open for business.

Club Mahindra Membership Is the Perfect Cue for Pandemic Blues

This reflected holidaymakers’ appetite for travel with an initial reluctance to stepping out giving way to surging occupancy numbers, driven by a need to break free of the lockdown life. As a result, occupancy numbers, around 30 percent in September, soared to 74 percent by November.

But why has the Club Mahindra membership model proved to be so popular? A major reason is the degree of flexibility it offers as per the recent Club Mahindra reviews. Travel amid the pandemic has become a lot more spontaneous, a lot less planned. There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, making it impossible to plan a holiday too far in advance.

People are also a lot more comfortable driving than flying and are therefore, choosing destinations that are at a drivable distance from where they live. With holidaymaker’s being able to tailor made and customize their vacation, the number of days and nights can be split across destinations and across a time period. But most importantly, especially amid the pandemic with people worried about inflation-driven cost increases or price hikes driven by other factors, Club Mahindra’s membership offers a 25-year holiday package.

Club Mahindra Membership Is the Perfect Cue for Pandemic Blues

But it’s not just cost-proof holidays. A Club Mahindra membership offers, for starters, the choice of destinations. Club Mahindra has more than 100 resorts in India and abroad. These resorts are typically situated off the beaten track in remote, scenic locations offering everything from beach holidays and hill station retreats to jungle getaways. Additionally, the brand has than 170 partner resorts and hotels in India and in 18 countries around the world. That’s more than 270 holiday options for their members in a year!

All Club Mahindra resorts are designed to give the complete holiday experience. Many of the Club Mahindra membership reviews also provide a testament to the fact that rather than just providing a place to stay, the brand offers their members and guests a place to rejuvenate.

Every Club Mahindra resort is equipped with an array of leisure options that provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family. The properties are located at some of the choicest locations around the world. From bustling city centres that offer breathless excitement to serene nature reserves that offer breath-taking views, the choices are plenty.

Club Mahindra Membership Is the Perfect Cue for Pandemic Blues

There’s also a choice of accommodation. Most hotels offer boxy, standard rooms. Not so with a Club Mahindra membership. Club Mahindra resorts give members a choice between bungalows, cottages, suites, cabanas, luxury tents and even floating cottages. The rooms are spacious and equipped with their own kitchenette and dining area. So, members travelling with a child or simply wanting a taste of home can cook their own meals.

According to the Club Mahindra reviews, meals at Club Mahindra resorts are a delectable mix of local and international flavors. But that is not all. The experience that surrounds the meal is what makes it extra special. From dining by the riverside to dining in a palace like royalty, the members are offered a palate of flavorful meals.

According to a recent Club Mahindra membership review, the member praised its partnership with Bureau Veritas to ensure Club Mahinda resorts adhere to strict sanitization protocols and maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Choice - that’s what it ultimately comes down to. That is what consumers want and this is reflected in the host of positive Club Mahindra membership reviews. A good holiday is what we all need after having braved the pushes and pulls of COVID-19 and with the brand’s membership one is able to access more than 1000 unique experiences along with 4,300+ RCI affiliated resorts globally.

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