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Waxing Eloquent

Strip: Ministry of Waxing, the global waxing expert, makes its foray into the Indian market

Published: Feb 28, 2019 09:01:07 AM IST
Updated: Feb 28, 2019 08:51:20 PM IST

Waxing EloquentAmi Vaghani and Zarna Chainani

It was just a chance outing with friends for Cynthia Chua. The conversation between friends veered towards bikinis and a remark about how Asian women have poor grooming standards left a mark on Cynthia’s mind. While others would have dismissed this a day later, Cynthia, the original smooth operator, believed that there was a place for body culture that’s practiced safely, hygienically and painlessly, so she set about seeding the beginnings of a wax revolution.

Technique Matters

Selflessly, Cynthia Chua trialled and tested new techniques and experimented with new waxes. Eventually, a significantly less painful and less embarrassing technique of waxing based on the principle of ‘Hygiene, Speed and Quality’ emerged and this continues to differentiate Strip: Ministry of Waxing from its competitors.

Sixteen years of pruning 4 million bushes and with a continued focus on R&D to refine methods, Strip: Ministry of Waxing is truly a global authority in waxing, with 48 stores in 12 cities.

Today, Cynthia is rightfully branded as Singapore’s biggest lifestyle entrepreneur.

Behind this success story is an extensive education campaign about grooming standards of intimate areas. As a result, conversations on Brazilian waxing and the importance of hygiene are no longer considered a taboo in cities that have a Strip: Ministry of Waxing presence.

India Calling
Zarna Chainani and Ami Vaghani, being customers of Strip, saw the opportunity to uplift the grooming standards by introducing Strip to India.

Ami Vaghani loves how Strip uses fun and chic campaigns to educate and talk about something considered taboo. “The intimate care business is booming worldwide and the potential growth in India is undeniable. Our faith in the brand and Cynthia’s vision excited us. Strip is able to identify and understand a friction point, able to disrupt a norm and open minds to important conversations”
Zarna Chainani goes on to speak about what makes Strip: Ministry Of Waxing unique. “HSQ! Our mantra, which stands for Hygiene, Speed and Quality. Apart from our fanatic dedication to HSQ, innovation plays a big part in our brand. With Strip, we aim to add a little luxury to what is regularly referred to as maintenance services”

Elaborating on the stringent quality control measure of the global authority in waxing, the duo added, “All our therapists have to go through a strict 8 weeks training programme in Singapore which covers full body waxing for both men and women. In addition, there’s an annual recertification process to ensure their skills are up to date.”

Waxing Eloquent

Cynthia Chua

Beyond Beauty

After Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok, Mumbai it is. Research has shown that India with over 600 million young people, is ready to experience change and embrace global trends. The concept of waxing for the whole body including intimate parts for men and women is bound to work in India… Waxing has now moved beyond the art of beautification.

So for all those who wish to conquer body foliage and achieve baby smooth skin – the HSQ way - this seems to be the right time. After all, it would be unjust to have a wild messy bush underneath. It is finally time to look good inside and out!

Strip: Ministry of Waxing is opening in March in Juhu. Follow Strip on Facebook and Instagram with the handle “stripministryofwaxingindia” to stay updated. Pre-book an appointment for April quoting FORBES50 to get 50% off on your first bill.

Article by: Vedant Gill

Ami Vaghani and Zarna Chainani Photo Credits,
Photography: Siddhant Gill
Makeup & Hair: OTB Makeup Academy

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