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Media Konnect promises to universalise the filmmaking process

New platform aims to bridge the gap between accessibility and talent discovery in the entertainment sector

Published: Jul 21, 2016 05:09:11 PM IST
Updated: Jul 21, 2016 06:44:49 PM IST
Media Konnect promises to universalise the filmmaking process
Ranjit Thakur, founder of the Krian Group

Media Konnect, a global platform designed to universalize the way in which the film industry interacts, was launched in Mumbai on Thursday. It has been developed by Ranjit Thakur, founder of the Krian Group, with an aim to eliminate the middleman talent agent or broker and provide people with individual exposure for skills that span the gamut of the entire entertainment industry.

The platform has over 600 verticals pertaining to the entertainment sector on its website as well as an iOS and Android app. While it is currently in English, Thakur says it will soon be available in India in regional languages and foreign languages as well. The model is free to use and will depend solely on advertising revenue.

Explaining the need for the venture, he says that film-making is an extremely time-consuming and interest-specific process; movie-makers across the globe often admit to wasting an astonishing 95 percent of their time travelling and scheduling, and a meager 5 percent in actually producing their films. With Media Konnect, he says, these processes will be streamlined, saving both time and money.

“Media Konnect is not a casting agency. Instead, it covers the entire spectrum of global connections in the content creation and collaboration space. Its versatility stretches from getting subsidy from any country required to make a film, to selling the remake rights of a script, to a language that a producer would have otherwise never thought of,” says Thakur.

In the first four days since going live, the platform witnessed almost 10,000 registrations; Thakur is confident that the service will reach a user database of 10 million within the next two years. The company is set to create a film built exclusively from the online portal as a testament to the power and force with which it is moving forward.

Media Konnect’s patented design has a built-in verification system which certifies the credibility of each individual profile. As a result, those who log onto the site have a clear window into the true content of the solicitor. This, he says, differentiates his venture from existing players in this space like TalentNext.

Thakur adds, “We are looking at a solution that is start to finish, acting is just one vertical of the solution. This is a complete movie creation process.”

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