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Business Process Management platforms serve as a robust foundation to reform business processes and has all the right ingredients for a Bollywood-like super-hit in a business

Updated: Jan 16, 2017 10:52:18 AM UTC
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Stellar Indian superstars, heart-touching storylines, foot-tapping music and larger-than-life characters topped with extravagant locations. Yes, we are talking about our very own Bollywood industry. The silver screen always has something to offer.

Going beyond the entertainment factor, it taught  lessons on effective career planning along with following our dreams (3 Idiots), team management (Chak De India), providing the best environment for our children to learn (Taare Zameen Par), self-reliance and self-confidence (Sultan) and of course, some relationship goals.

Indian cinema has never failed to amuse, teach and floor us. But what has Bollywood stored up for businesses in today’s time.

The Blockbuster Strategy Decoding the Rs 100 crore business strategy:
•    Epitome of romance: The Yash Raj and Shah Rukh Khan duo always leave viewers enchanted with some strong relationship goals. And for businesses, same extent of customer satisfaction is what is required. Today, good customer experience is not a differentiating factor but a basic expectation.
•    Customers expect anytime-anywhere mobile services, contextual interactions and easy accessibility from companies. As from movies, what they look for is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

•    Action topped with drama: A blockbuster movie is incomplete without some action and drama quotient. With businesses going global, policy makers are coming up with more stringent laws and regulations which in turn is mounting pressure and creating scenes  within organisations. To be a blockbuster, adherence to a number of rules and regulations is a key factor, leading to more prudent workflows and enhanced revenues.

•    Multiplex Boom: Many multiplexes offer a better viewing experience and have drawn audiences back to the silver screen. Multiplexes attract more customers as it gives them flexibility of multiple show timings and days to choose from. Similarly, businesses must bring in more flexibility in their processes as complex guidelines and processes may invariably become a hindrance in providing a good customer experience.

What's your ‘Dabangg’ strategy?
Dabangg strategically leveraged one of the best marketing strategies—product placement. With songs like Zandu Balm and Fevicol, it left the nation humming to its tunes and skillfully promoted brands. This robust marketing strategy comes from an underlying strong script, which has all the action, drama and romance.

The question is, how are businesses handling all the action and drama in their day-to-day transactions?

Effective processes are to a business, what a script is to a movie: A strong script forms the basis for a blockbuster movie as it defines the narrative, plots and characters. In a business environment, processes are your underlying scripts for customer romance and experience, workflow action and compliance drama. It's vital for any business to have a well-written script in order to achieve effective and efficient results; and to ensure the same we can totally rely on a dependable script writer: Business Process Management (BPM).

BPM platforms are being used across industries to automate and transform business processes. It serves as a robust foundation to engage the customers, to empower knowledge workers and to reform business processes. It offers all the ingredients for super-hit end results.
•    Adaptive script: BPM lends flexibility to business processes and enables seamless customer interactions. It’s not bounded with rigid processes and allows the owner to design and deploy processes based on their business needs.

•    Retake scenes: It offers an environment for continuous improvement. The intuitive dashboards and real-time reports helps to  analyse and monitor processes with capabilities to replay, rewind and re-shoot to get the perfect shot.

•    Integrate music: The way a movie incorporates music in its script; on the same lines BPM allows easy integration of capabilities with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM), empowering businesses to initiate contextual interactions across multiple touch points.

Leverage the BPM swag
Production houses set their own strategy for Diwali and Christmas festivities every year and plan to break records at the box office. So, it's time to leverage the BPM swag and go 'Dabangg' with processes.

- By Ashok Kapoor, vice president-marketing, COE & product management, Newgen Software

The thoughts and opinions shared here are of the author.

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